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Fri, Apr. 17th, 2009, 07:38 pm
Well, this isn't going to work well...

My German presentation has somehow reduced itself to me fiddling about with a bit of paper for ten minutes, dropping the paper, muttering "ich habe ein...no, ich liebe das...", smacking myself over the head with my cue card and running off to sulk about my general incompetance.


Sun, Feb. 8th, 2009, 06:58 pm
Oh, it's snowing again.


Snow has HAD it's fifteen minutes (well, one week) of fame.
And now I would like A NORMAL WEEK with no broken buses and sledging accidents and ice and places shutting down when I really need to go to them.

That is all.

Wed, Jan. 21st, 2009, 10:52 pm
I have totally had enough of this.

Project Saving Money To Buy A Shiny New Laptop* is all go.

Project Ceremoniously Burn This Crappy Computer will follow shortly after.


I’m so angry at this computer, though. It fails.
=/ yay.

*I'm actually very impatient, so maybe a slightly rusty eBay laptop is more likely.

Sat, Jan. 10th, 2009, 09:03 pm
Just when I thought it could get no worse...

I am now locked out of the garage too. So no more warmish blanket or comfyish chair. I am now on a very hard wooden bench and have a horrible feeling that no one else is coming home tonight.


Oh, and you know what else sucks?
Y'know the BBC version of Richard III where Richard has that weird limp where he looks like he can't put any weight on one of his legs? Well, from having my foot in the same position for hours, I'm kind of walking exactly like that.

And I have a load of work to do tomorrow now.
Assuming I survive, obviously.

Sat, Jan. 10th, 2009, 07:37 pm
Whoever said that there's a bright side to everything

...was never locked out of their house for six hours.

I won't go into details of how or why, but I am currently sat in the garage in a broken lawn chair, typing this on my iPod touch. It is freezing cold, I need the bathroom and I feel sick.

I'm probably stuck here for another two hours or more - my mum and her key are at a pantomime, my brother and his key are out getting drunk and my dad and his are in Northumberland.
And I have no way of contacting any of them.

This sucks in so many ways.
Oh, wait. I've just realised that the so-called bright side of this whole disaster is that I did find a blanket to wrap myself in. It's not helping much, though.

This is ohmygod awful.
I feel like I should end this post with my full name and possibly some kind of fancy Latin motto. You know, to make me look good if this is the last thing I ever write before my frozen corpse has to be scraped off the garage floor.

But instead, I will leave this message: don't let the fact that you're wearing a certain pair of shoes make you believe that you're going to a certain place. Keep a spare key somewhere in your garden just in case. Have an outdoor bathroom and a garage with heating.

Until we meet again...

Sun, Dec. 28th, 2008, 01:37 am
Because obviously my first post in weeks should be about something meaningful and intellectual...

... hmm.

I honestly can't think of anything to say, but really wanted to update this thing.
Apart from

a) my family seem to have all gone mad (post-Christmas insanity).
b) I choked on a bit of pastry earlier and my throat still hurts.
c) someone has stolen some of my Xmas chocolates.

And that was today's Almightily Pointless Post.

PS. Some of the Yuletide fics are AMAZING. Will probably rec some of 'em later.

...oh, like anyone reads this anyway.
Even I don't...
...oh, sod it. 

Sun, Oct. 26th, 2008, 11:19 pm


...so, my iPod died the other day. It wouldn't turn on or anything.

So I went out and purchased a brand new iPod Touch [£200 + £30 insurance], took it home, played with it for a couple of days [IT DOES YOUTUBE! I can now watch videos in bed!] and was generally content.
Oh, by the way, this iPod shall be referred to as "iPod IV" - shows how careful I am with stuff.

Then I woke up this morning and flicked the lock switch on iPod III.
And...it was ALIVE.

It FAKED IT'S OWN DEATH for three days, so I spent money [so much money!] on something I didn't need.

Thu, Oct. 2nd, 2008, 07:14 pm
Ghostly chicken-fights.

If I'm not being hugely paranoid [again], then I have just heard a ghostly chicken-fight.

I heard chickens fighting. I'm not one of those city people who think a chicken is 'that what you have in KFC', I know what a fucking chicken sounds like! And those were chickens, and they sounded like they were
a) in pain
and b) very very close to my window.

The odd bit is that they stopped as soon as I realised that there haven't been chickens around here for about ten years. So I have come to the conclusion that all the chickens I have eaten in my lifetime got together to come and scare me [think a parade of ghostly chickens flying around outside my window in a circle] and they got into a fight about how to do it and killed each other.

On a less psychotic note, I was doing some random Googling today and found that list, you know "You Know You're A Redneck If...", only it was retitled "You Know You're From Yorkshire If...".
...It didn't quite sound right and I'll rant more about it later.
Only one of the comments was "that was orginally about Rednecks I think - or was it Lancashire folk?..."

Further Googling revealed news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/south_yorkshire/3212005.stm 
...sad thing is, I've taken photos there, although they did not involve arse. I dunno what happened to 'em, it was years ago.
Purv's Corner [I think that's what it's called] in Haworth [I THINK] is also quite amusing.